Our Canopy Systems


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Canopy Information​

Our Magic Sky canopy system is very flexible in terms of its setup procedure and therefore adaptable to almost every on-site circumstances. This system is variable in its height and offers different options and solutions for your personal look and feel. This product gives you the opportunity to install light and sound equipment within the structure itself, to dismiss the need of additional side constructions. The canopy system is available in different sizes and therefore usable for small private gatherings as well as festivals and/or Mega-Events. As focus point, this product already brings a special flair to the area as a single system itself. By combining several systems, you’re not only able to create new spaces for your guest, but also news skies by illuminating the translucent membranes.


10m / 12m / 15m / 18m / 21m / 24m / 30m / 36m


Depending on size between 5,20m and almost 8,00m

Fixation method​

Reinforced concrete​

Necessary building area​

Size of the canopy system plus approx. 2,50m all around​

Build-up and dismantling time​

6 – 8 hours​


Approx. 16kg up to 60kg per running meter mountable on ring (depending on size)​

Permitted wind force​

Without restriction​


Tower Information​

Our Magic Sky tower system is wonderfully suitable for outdoor events. This roofing system provides a very open atmosphere and a sense of visual elegance, due to its central mast and circumferential anchoring. The membrane of this system can also be used as projection surface to let your creativity blossom. This product is not only attractive in looks, but also very efficient in its small pack size and therefore fast setup- and dismantling period. Another positive aspect of this system is the lack of need for any construction machinery during the setup and dismantling.


15m / 18m / 21m / 24m / 30m​


Maximum 5,00 meters​

Fixation method​

Ground spikes and anchors​

Necessary building area​​

Double the size of the canopy system​

Build-up and dismantling time​​

5 – 7 hours​


Cannot be installed​

Permitted wind force​​

Without restriction​

Common features of both canopy systems​

More products​

You don’t want a circular system and might need a special shape, which is designed to fulfill your needs? We’re happy to design a non-binding offer for all kinds of special constructions and check the feasibility with our engineering department. We’re capable of realizing almost any shape and wishes, due to our in-house production and engineering department. We’re looking forward to your inquiry.

Our basements are not only there to weigh down our systems, but can also be used as seating area or high tables. By using our special basement covers, these elements can be integrated to your event concept without losing any dead space. We’re happy to inform you about our products and versatile applications.

You have a client or work for a company, who organizes events on a regular basis and need a Magic Sky system more often? Why don’t you use this product as additional advertising space and get your own branded membrane? Full color, slogans or your company logo? By branding the membrane, you can use your own personalized product for your events. Any questions? We’re glad to inform you about your possibilities.

You want to be prepared for a rainy day and need a proper drainage at your Magic Sky canopy system? We can offer you a 360 rain gutter for our product. You also have the possibility to you only a part of the all-around rain gutter to for example cover the passage between the canopy system and a stage. We also use our rain gutter for events, where multiple canopy systems are combined and overlap to secure those areas and keep them dry.

You have a location, where you want to install a roof to be independent, regardless of the weather conditions? We give you the opportunity, to buy you own special Magic Sky system (excluded from sale is the canopy “Magic Sky Polygon”). We’re pleased to arrange an on-site appointment and talk about your possibilities and needs. Of course, we will also support you after the retail in any matter. If wished, we will also take care of the setup and dismantling and maintenance of the product.

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